Whether you sit for an average of 7-10 hours a day at your office job or are an elite athlete training 3-4 hours a day, you can experience the same tension, stress and body fatigue as anyone else.

Natural Health & Healing

Hi, I’m Donna from Soul Body Therapy, I offer easy, affordable body treatment options to enhance your health and well-being.

You may ask yourself, do you need these treatments? Massage has been recorded back as far as three thousand years and legends of hands on healing date even further. Touch, movement and hands-on body therapy are innate human tendencies that seem to be in our genetic makeup. What is the first thing we do when we bang our elbow; we touch it to ease the sensation of pain.

I began my body therapy journey in 2012, when I saw a need for helping parents to bond with their infants and children. This is where my core beliefs in the power of touch began, I have had first hand experiences with how powerful the body and mind can be in our journey through life. In experiencing my father’s life long battle with cancer and how he overcame many obstacles through lifestyle change and natural health and then when I began to explore the sport of body building and to what extent we can transform our mind, body and souls, naturally.

I have studied with Canterbury University, International Association of Infant massage, New Zealand Massage College and continue to advance my practices regularly to keep my hand on the pulse, this is Acknowledged through my registration through Massage NZ. In 2018 I also increased my journey of healing, through yoga and spiritual awareness, working with the amazing Adele Kinghan from Rise in Movement, deepening my holistic approach to treatments that I offer.

There are many forms of massage therapy and bodywork, all have their own theoretical and philosophical perspectives, but there are certain basic principles they all tend to hold in common.

  • Circulation of Blood 
  • Release of Toxins 
  • Tension, Trauma & Stress Release
  • Enhancement of All Bodily Systems
  • Musculoskeletal Performance
  • Reduction of Illness and fatigue

Above all, massage and movement therapy is an effective non-drug method for reducing stress, injuries, improving sleep and overall health. I believe that there is no one treatment suits all and I will endeavour to tailor your treatment programme to best suit your current life adventures.